Friday, 20 September 2013

Rimmel Extra Super Lash, Lash Building Mascara - Review

Hi there! Today I'm going to be reviewing Rimmel's Extra Super Lash , Lash Building Mascara.

 This Mascara is a very good mascara but leaves a few lumps and clumps in the eyelashes, so it makes it look abit heavy. I would not recommend trying to not get caught wearing makeup with this mascara on. This mascara is good for a weekend meal or a night out or in the day if you really really want to. It does do what is says on the bottle. You can build it up to make you eyelashes look longer and darker. But this does make your eyelashes dry a tiny bit after about 3 and a half hours so topping up every 3 or so hours will help your lashes not turn into a horrible plastic dry piece of  hair on the end of your eyes! This is a very good mascara and I recommend it to anybody who wants much fuller eyelashes. I give this mascara a 3.9 / 5                             


  1. I've always liked Lash Blast the most :)

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  2. Great post, personally my favourite mascara at the moment is Clarin's Wonder volume nascar, it is amazing, lovely blog xoxo